Micheal Vick and Dog Fighting

Millionaire Atlanta Falcon’s quaterback Micheal Vick has been indicted for his part in a dogfighting ring. This story has all the elements we have come to expect from Professional Athletes. I want to say something like- You can take the thug out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the thug. But that might sound a bit racist. Instead image how huge this story would be if it were Mr Wonderful Beckham who was accused of killing dogs in his spare time? This is a level of evil, vile, and wrong behavior that goes why beyond hanging out at strip clubs.
One of the talking heads on ESPN said that dog fighting was bad, but that going out and shooting a helpless deer was bad, too. It should go without saying that most hunters fall into the white bubba camp. For what it’s worth, I agree that hunting is a nasty bit of business. But, like drinking and smoking, hunting is legal, if morally and ethically wrong.
Ok, I eat meat, wear leather shoes, drive an SUV and don’t recycle squat. I used to fish, but I found that I really didn’t like killing fish. I like to eat them, but I prefer someone else to do the dirty work. Is fishing as bad as dogfighting? How about killing ants with a magnifying glass? What about exterminators that kill all kinds of God’s Creatures on a daily basis? There is a line there somewhere. . .
Oh, here it is. I would not kill a dog or a cat for the fun of it, as I know and love dogs and cats. Micheal Vick is a pariah in the making because these are dogs we are talking about. If it had been chickens, well, cock fighting is almost as bad as dogfighting. Almost. But not quite.
What is it about having more money than God that makes people so bleeding stupid?

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One comment on “Micheal Vick and Dog Fighting
  1. ANNA says:

    to vick, tell you and your thugs to pull up your pants, stop grabing your crotch, and leave this breed alone!
    besides there’s a new bad ass breed, if you cross a poodle with a cockerpoo pitbulls wont have a chance! now every one in the hood will be breeding, thats the mentality ouy yhere, shame on you vick, I”ll nevere go to a game if the nfl keeps you,!

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