Micheal Vick, Race, and Haters

hater-a person whose jealous of another person’s success or achievements makes them verbally nit-pick any flaws no matter how small or just make up flaws in order to somehow try and belittle the successful person.
definition number 6 of 53 from Urban Dictionary.

Also popular for just saying anytime anyone says something bad about another person, often with a bit of a whine in the voice and an accent on the second syllable. As noted, there are at least 53 definitions for this bit of slang.
As Americans we love to hate people, especially young, rich, good looking people, because, let’s face it, most of us are not young, rich or good looking. Micheal Vick wore a very nice suit to his hearing yesterday, had a nice new haircut and a fresh trim on the beard. In other words, he cleaned up for court just like everyone accused of a crime. I don’t think it won him any points, though.
In my small bloggy world comments are pretty rare, but I got twenty-five on my post about Mike and his dog woes. Please, DON”T USE ALL CAPS and save the profanity. A number of my commenters wondered why race was such a big part of this story, we have to think about the dogs! Race is, to some extend, a big part of every story. Do you think this would have gotten so much play if it had been some fat, ugly redneck from the offensive line that no one ever heard of? No. It would still be a monster story if it had been Payton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger. Vick looks like a gangsta, so the story is shocking, but it isn’t really surprising, is it? Maybe race doesn’t have anything to do with story.
Vick is an NFL starting quarterback, one of only twenty-six in the world. He’s not just one of the grunts, he’s one of the stars. A rich, good looking, young man. The blond pea brains in Hollywood make the news for penny ante stuff like driving drunk, where they might spend a couple of weeks in some Club Fed. Micheal is looking at years in jail and the end of his storied career.
If these allegations are true, he is is a nasty piece of work.
And yet there are people who rush to his defense and whip out the hater tag for anyone who wants to see Vick punished for his crimes. I suppose I should say that I am not in favor of stripping Mike down, pouring steak sauce on him, and tossing him into a pit filled with hungry bulldogs. Maybe just a bit drowning, or electrocution, or hanging.
There was a young, not so rich, good looking white guy in the news a couple of years ago named Scott Peterson. I didn’t watch much of the story, but what I did see has always bothered me. The prosecution focused on what a horrid crime this murder was. Went into grisly detail about the woman and her unborn son’s murder. Showed pictures of their washed up bodies. Listened to testimony about what a sweet girl she was and how heinous this crime was. If they had any proof that Scott Peterson actually committed the crime, I never heard it. But like Bush going into Iraq, by God, something had to be done. Peterson was sentenced to death. And I get the feeling that, by God, something is going to be done about Micheal Vick as well.

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