Miley Cyrus the new Britney Spears

I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way. Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought that was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.” Miley Cyrus aka Disney’s Hannah Montana

Annie Leibovitz is the most over rated photographer in the world since Richard Avedon died. Miley Cyrus is the most over rated fifteen year old in the world since Britney Spears. So there is a kind of strange force that brings the two of them together so Anne Leibovitz can take a topless photo of Miley Cyrus for Vanity Fair magazine.

It is being blown out of proportion, it’s just a photo, and not a very good one. After all, the 15 year old Miley Cyrus could have lived in Eldorado, Texas with two or three kids by her fifty year old husband. The fact that Miley Cyrus is on her way to being a billionaire by the time she turn 18 years old is obscene enough in itself. Why should the poor little rich girl care if her fans don’t want to see Miley Cyrus topless?

Anne Leibovitz has taken the cute and perky Hannah Montana and made her look like a beaten and abused victim of kidnappers. But then, I am an old school portrait photographer where the idea is to flatter the subject and make them look better than they do in real life, not worse. I like strong shadows and I love the old style Hollywood portrait photographers like George Hurrell. Anne Leibovitz and Richard Avedon started off doing some great stuff and then wandered off the beaten path. Which is fine, lots of people think they are both geniuses. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

There have been a couple of other stories about Miley Cyrus over the past few months, one that said she was pregnant and one about how her Hannah Montana concerts gouged her fans and left many of them standing outside. The photo of Miley Cyrus laying in daddy Billy Ray Cyrus’s lap seems more of a couple pose than a Daddy and Daughter pose.

As they say-any press is good press. The Superfical seems to think it’s much ado about nothing, and so do I. Hollywood Grind is worried that Miley Cyrus is only 15 years old and already taking her clothes off for photos. Maybe she should some advice from Vanessa Anne Hudgens, or maybe she already did.

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