Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

I liked Mission:Impossible-Ghost Protocol.  The story of four agents duking it out with a Supervillian and a Russian Cop.  Along the way things blow up, people get chased, cars crash, and there are a lot of pretty cool fights.  Ghost Protocol is the kind of movie you walk out of the theater looking for someone to pick a fight with-or someplace to go shoplifting.

One of Tom Cruise’s super spy talents is stealing random bits of clothing, cars, phones, and just about anything else he needs from random strangers.  But hey, he does need them.  It’s not like he steals stuff for the hell of it.

Tom Cruise looks pretty good, a lot better than he looked when he appeared on Late Night the other day.  Simon Pegg was good as the comic relief.  Paula Patton and Léa Seydoux are good as the kick ass hot chicks.  And Jeremy Renner does a good job as the other super secret agent that rounds out Tom’s little team that needs to save the world.  It was also great to see Josh Holloway-Sawyer from LOST-even if it was a pretty small role.

As with all Action movies, the plot was a tad on the ridiculous side.  The bad guy wants to bring about a nuclear war so that the Earth can do a reboot once all that excess life is wiped out.  In order to do this he has to steal a number of items and get a number of things to happen.  At each step our unavowed Team just misses catching the bad guy.  Along the way Tom has to scale the world’s tallest building with the help of some magic gloves that they didn’t even try to explain.  It was a fun sequence, though.

One of the odd things in Ghost Protocol was the opening credits, which features a montage of all the major scenes in the film.  I’m kind of used to seeing a replay of the movie in the Closing Credits, but it was kind of odd to see flashbacks of the film before we saw it.  I guess it helped to take away any sense of suspense we might have been suffering.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol was fun and I liked the whole globe-trotting aspect of the story.  Blowing up the Kremlin was a nice touch as well.

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