Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation

www.ifyouwriteit.com reviewTom Cruise hangs off the side of a military cargo plane during the opening scene. It is a pretty cool bit of business, but it has nothing to do with the rest of Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation. That makes it the perfect clip for a Trailer. It looks cool and spoils nothing. Are you listening everyone else who makes movie Trailers????

I like Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg. I like J.J. Abrams. I like things blowing up and motorcycles. And then there’s a hot British chick. The story is pretty standard issue. Tom and Company have problems and have to take on an evil villain by themselves. The bulk of the film is either sneaking around, fighting, or a chase scene. Yeah, it’s an action film.

There’s a lot of globe hopping and they spend a bit of time in London, one of my favorite cities. Tom is a little more human in this film, though he still seems to recover from wounds that would kill lesser men with ease. There isn’t quite as much wonton destruction as there was in Ghost Protocol. That’s a good thing. Rogue Nation is a little more personal, but there is still a bit of CIA and MIF and Mi6. These big and heartless organizations are shown to be big and heartless.

There’s very little time to stop and think about what is happening. One thing flows quickly into another. There are a lot cool gadgets, fast cars and motorcycles, and plenty of bad guys.

I liked Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.


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