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Monday Mornings is yet another ensemble medical show with a nice mixture monday_morningsof race, gender, and accents.  I’ve had a longing for a medical mystery show ever since House went on his never ending road trip.

TNT’s Monday Mornings centers on weekly meetings where one of the Doctors is told what an idiot he/she is because they screwed up some case or another.  Some of these cases we see, others we only hear about in the meeting.   We watch the Doctors as they interact with patients and each other, and have all kinds of conflicts over pretty much everything.

After two episodes I’m hooked.   The cast of regulars are mostly familiar faces, the big surprises for me being Ving Rhames, Alfred Molina and Bill Irwin.  Ving and Alfred because they are mostly movie stars and Bill because I haven’t seen him in anything since he danced his way through the video for Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  It’s also nice to see Jonathan Silverman and Jamie Bamber.  Everyone else is good as well.

David E Kelly makes great TV Shows, but like all producers he has to deal Networks.   His last show was the wonderfully quirky Harry’s Law that was great the first season and twisted beyond recognition during the second.  This never ceases to amaze me, if the show was good the first season, why change everything that made it great in the second?  But it happens all the  time.  So I fully expect that if Monday Mornings makes it to a second season, we’ll leave the hospital and follow our Doctors as they feed the homeless in Mumbai.

TNT, one of a gazillion generic cable TV ‘networks’ did a piss poor job of promoting this pretty good series.  So bad, in fact, that I thought it was on FX-another tiny network trying it’s hand at it’s own programing.  Like the virtually ignored Do No Harm, not many people tuned in to watch Monday Mornings.  Part of the problem is that a lot of old timers still have this silly idea that Fall TV Shows should debut in, uh, THE FALL!  There doesn’t seem to be a regular TV Season anymore, either in time or number of episodes.

I like finding new shows on all the time, but I would like a clue that there are new shows to seen.

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