Mosque Near World Trade Center

President Obama follows in the footsteps of John Kerry by doing a bit of waffling. He’s not sure whether or not there should be a new Mosque built two block away from Ground Zero in New York.  First he seems to think it’s a fine idea, then he says that he would not comment on the issue. 

A number of people have noted that two Strip Clubs and an Off Track Betting place are already within two blocks of the World Trade Center, so what’s the big deal?

Well, for one thing I don’t recall gangs of Strippers with box openers hijacking any planes on 9/11.

I used to go to the main branch of Fort Worth Public Library a lot and I interacted with a number of the Librarians and others that worked there.  There was one woman that was a bit rude, not very friendly, and viewed the world as being filled with small children in need of constant scolding.  In short, she was a bitch.  Then one day she started showing up with her head covered in a scarf and I had this kind of Aha moment.  That explains her behavior, she hates everyone who isn’t a Muslim.  I now release that this was not correct, she really was just a bitch.

As a photographer I have seen a lot of school age girls wearing head scarves and they have seemed a normal and happy lot.  They joke around, they smile for the camera, and except for the headgear, they appear to be like any other school age girl.  But the scarf does set them apart, just the tiny lace hats that Mennonite women wear and the black gab that Amish women wear set them apart.  But again, I there are not too many stories about Amish or Mennonite suicide bombers.

The problem is a simple one, most of us don’t know that much about Muslims, but we do know that some Muslims are batshit crazy and want to kill us.  This tends to make us a bit nervous about all Muslims.  Muslims only make the news when they issue death threats against authors or cartoonists or commit acts of terrorism.  I do like the whole no drinking thing and the fact that they like their monotheism really mono. 

New York is a big city and it is one of those interesting spots in the world where every race and religion tend to congregate.  I don’t think they should build a Mosque near Ground Zero.  But then, I don’t think anyone should be building Mosques in America. 

 The Wife thinks it would be a good idea if they just built nothing but churches all around Ground Zero.  I think nice reclining Buddha would look good next to a Greek Orthodox Church with Onion Turrets.  The more I think about, the more I like the idea of Ground Zero surrounded by Churches-The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster could be right next to the Church of Scientology.  The possibilities are endless.

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