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Kathy Griffin is not for the faint hearted or the easily offended.  But she is funny in this foul mouthed tirade about growing up wanting to be a star and never quite making it.   She talks about Oprah and does an amazingly accurate impression of Oprah’s daily bellow to her adoring throngs of fans.  The many showbiz stories are a lot of fun, they prove that you can claw your way to middle if you really want it bad enough.

I think my favorite little bit was when she talked about being complimented by Howard Stern-as in ‘Yeah, I’d do her.’  Her response to a typical Howard comment was “Oh, Howard, you sweet talker.  Let me get the lube.”

Kathy talks a lot about her days on Suddenly Susan, which I’ll be honest and tell you I never watched.  She mentions many of her small parts here and there, but she skipped over the one part that meant something to me-her role as a pair of evil twins on The X-Files.  I think that should have been given a whole chapter.

Kathy has a lot to say about all aspects of her D List life.  She talks a good deal about her love for The Gays and how they kept her afloat when all over sources of income were floundering.  She also goes into great detail about her husband who stole something like $80,000 and spent it on-well, we never do find out what he spent it on.  Kathy has a few trust issues and this blatant betrayal is the end of that relationship.  The fact that she didn’t even notice that she was missing $80,000 says something about how much a D Lister makes.

She has a few good life-on-the-road stories and ends the book by talking about her banging bikini bod.  This is a little bit of a counterpoint to the rather graphic bits earlier in the book where goes into great depth about her many plastic surgeries.  I liked the bit about her following around Paris Hilton in an attempt to learn how to get more media attention-if anyone knows how to get media attention it’s Paris Hilton.

I really liked the list of shows that Kathy has been banned from-I hate that twerp Gilman on the Regis and Kathy Lee-well, whatever the dumb blond of the week is-Show.  The real surprise is that anyone allows Kathy on their show, not that she is banned from so many.

Official Book Club Selection was fun, in a mean and nasty Kathy Griffin kind of way.  You need to get the audio book, Kathy does a good job of reading her own words.

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