Oh The Pain

Maybe I am just a whimp, as my one true love often tells me. But I have these pains. Some are the normal aches and pains of lifting heavy items or working out, but most are just old injuries of one kind or another.
I was working on my mum’s house, a rather endless task, as something was always wrong with the place. One time I had folded my six foot four inch frame into that tight little spot under the kitchen sink and was replace an elbow joint. My knees were up around my ears and I needed to shift to get a better angle. I twisted and turned and there was this loud ‘pop’ from my right knee. Hmm, that can’t be good. And was not. It pained for many years, and still flares up once in a while. But I did cure that ill with glucosamine, the stuff really works. On knees anyway.
Another time I was re-roofing the place and I was doing a bit of structural repair at the same time. There was a support that needed replacing, so to took the old one out and was trying to put the new one in. This involved lifting a corner of the roof and installing the new support. The logical thing to do would have been to use a jack to raise the corner a couple of inches. I tried to do it my main strength and there was a really serious protest from my lower back at the implication that it could support the weight of a house.
Following the course of my life has been a long series of poor judgments that lead to injuries both large and small. Constant pain of one kind or another has been my companion for the better part of the last thirty years. But I am feeling much better now.
Merry Hempster muscle rub helps a great deal with the occasional pain of doing too much. I have used a lot of muscle rubs of one sort or another my entire life. So I was a bit concerned when I heard about teen dies from ointment overdose. But I am not using as much as I used to, and I certainly never used it by the case like that poor kid did.
I have also be fond of all kinds of massagers, both powered and shaped like dolphins, turtles, and that little blob logo for Cingular. But my latest find is the True Blue Spa Roller Ball Massager from Bath&Body Works. Ok, at twenty bucks it is a little pricey, but hey, it works. I have been using these kinds of items forever and this the only one of it’s kind that I have found. I’m sure there are others, but most of them have several small balls or wheels and they are not the same.
I’ve pretty much given up home repair. And auto repair. And gardening. And cycling. And well, I don’t hurt nearly as much as I used to.

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