Payperpost Sucks

PayPerPost is a place that is supposed to hook up bloggers with people that want to pay for an ad on their blog. Payperpost has been nothing but a pain in the ass.
When I first heard of payperpost, I thought, hey, ten bucks is ten bucks. But the only payperpost offers heading my way are for five bucks. So I wrote two posts for things I don’t really care about. Payperpost did not pay. The instructions on Paperpost really suck. So I wrote the first post for Payperpost and didn’t know what I was supposed to be do about it. No pay for that post. Not even a chance to get paid for it as I didn’t do as payperpost wanted me to do.
The second payperpost effort I found a blog with a step by step post on how to use payperpost-something that is not to be found on payperpost itself. I followed the steps as best as I could, using keywords as the anchor link text and putting in two or three links, or whatever it was they said they wanted. I then added a little popup dodad at the bottom of the post saying it was a payperpost post. Something like a couple of weeks pass while I wait for my five dollars, or at least a note saying that the post was approved for the five dollars.
Wrongo-My post was rejected after it has been sitting there all this time advertising the damned site for free. Payperpost sent a nice note saying this post does not met our needs as you didn’t use this word or that word. So I go and look at the payperpost requirement page for this post-It had Changed since I wrote the post! They now want another word added to each of the links that I am sure was not there when I submitted the payperpost post the first time!
Ok, let’s go back to my very first payperpost experiences. I saw them on another blog and thought, what the hell? So I applied and then waited to get the confirmation email, just like everyplace else on the web. And waited. And waited. I tried logging in, but was told I had not been approved. I got these little spam emails telling me how great payperpost is and how I need to use it more. I try to login again and am told I don’t have an account. Over the next four or five months I keep getting these payperpost newsletters and I keep getting told I don’t have an account.
A few weeks ago, I am told that I have been approved. Alright, I’m in business on payperpost now! There are five offers availible to me, one telling the world how great payperpost is. No thanks. Except for the payperpost offer which is twenty dollars, the other four or five offers are for five dollars.
For five bucks these payperpost people are a pretty damned picky bunch. My time is worth more than five dollars to me, but I figure I will try one or two to see how payperpost works. Payperpost doesn’t work.
Or maybe payperpost works if it is all you do. Just quit your job and do payperpost all day. No, payperpost doesn’t want you to do that either, you have to have regular posts as well as payperposts posts.
My real posts tend to take me a while to write up and proof and then add to my seemingly endless list of social networks. That’s how I get hits- when there are no naked starlets to talk about. Payperpost is willing to pay more than five dollars, but the real money seems to kick in once you are about number three on Alexa-That’s Google, friends.So I have pretty much given up on payperpost.
Score: payperpost, two free posts from me (for a while anyway) and me, a couple of wasted hours.

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