Plan B with Conan O’Brien

Conan’s new show is much like Conan’s old shows.  Conan comes out and makes a few jokes.  He gets some support and heckling from sidekick Andy Richter.  He feeds off the energy of the audience.  He chats up random famous and semi-famous and wanna be famous people.  If you like Conan, you’ll like his new show.

By far the best bit I’ve seen is a commercial where Conan goes to India to create the perfect set of red curtains for his show.  I have no idea what this commercial is for, or if it is, in fact, for anything.  But I like it. On the actual show Conan I liked the Moon Dance and his obsession with the Conan Blimp.

My favorite bit on the new show was when Conan talked about the various rejected titles for Conan-among them Plan B with Conan O’Brien, though I think it should be more like Plan E or Plan K. One Hour To Lopez and One Hour Closer To Death were also kind fun.

Conan has keep the beard, which I think is a good decision and he seems more like his old Conan self and less like the poor put upon Conan of his brief Tonight Show days.

I can’t help but think of all the failed late night talk shows I have watched over the years.  The Arseno Hall Show, which lasted a longer than most.  The Joan Rivers Show.  The Chevy Chase Show.  The Pat Sajak Show-seriously, what where they thinking there?  But most of the new late night talk shows have hung in there, though I am not sure why.

So Conan should do fine on TBS, I’ve always hated watching local news shows anyway.

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