Plurk-We All Need One More Time Sink

Ok, I’m not a user of Twitter, so finding Plurk-a Twitter clone by all accounts, I am mainly baffled by it. Not that I find that a bad thing. After using it for a couple of days it most closely resembles leaving blog comments-only without having to bother with actually reading any blog posts to do so.

In pretty short order I wrangled a handful of friends-as with Blogcatalog it is easy to friend everyone you find if the mood strikes you. I have never really gotten the knack of friends on Facebook and still have a small handful after being on the site for some time now.

A lot of the geek blogs seem to have an opinon on Plurk, Mashable doesn’t see it overthrowing Twitter and gHacks noticed all the noise-there does seem to be a lot of random crap on this random crap site. But I like it-and I’m not at all sure why.

It is colorful and there are these odd little animal icons and things change when your ‘Karma’ changes. It is kind of fun to see what everyone else’s page looks like. As far as blogging goes, you can share a link to your most recent blog posts, or put a link to your blog on your profile page. The Great and Powerful Dosh Dosh seems to really like Twitter and Plurk.

As with many websites, it is easy to loose track of time and wander around reading meaningless silliness all day. There are a lot comments like-Hi I’m Up, Off To Work, Need to Sleep, and many other bits of mundane info that make blog posts seem like War and Peace by comparison. It looks like a nice time sink.

Visit My Plurk Page if you want.

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Jon Herrera

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Writer, Photographer, Blogger.

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4 comments on “Plurk-We All Need One More Time Sink

    I agree with pretty much the whole post, particularly the part about picking up friends on Facebook.

    Plurk can definitely be addicting.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    hmm, plurk addition. . .

  3. LIFECRUISER says:

    I’ve tried a couple of the others and somehow, I can’t put the finger on why, but it’s easier to get friends at plurk AND actually chat with them. I think it’s that. The easo of conversation that goes on.

  4. DESCARTES says:

    It is easy to respond, and it is a bit faster than blog comment chats.

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