Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Pops reminds me of the gas station from the first Toy Story. A kind of futurist place with tall white gas pumps and a very high slanted roof.  Of course, the most distinctive feature of Pops is the giant Coke bottle sculpture out front, which is lite with bright colors at night.

Pops is on Route 66 just a few miles north of Oklahoma City.  It’s easy to look out at the tiny road out front and image that going one way you would end up in Chicago and going the other was you’d end up in Los Angeles.  Of course, I don’t think Route 66 really goes from Chicago to L.A. anymore, but it’s still fun to think about.

Pops is half gift shop and half old style dinner.  We had Hot Dogs and a drank a couple of the 500 brands of soda in the cooler lining one wall.  These were some serious Soda flavors.  I got a Dogs n Suds Root Beer, from the chain of Drive-Ins in Indiana and a few other states.  I haven’t had one in about ten years and it was just as good as I remembered it being.

The Wife had a Dang That’s Good Butterscotch Root Beer, which tasted, not surprisingly, like a butterscotch candy.  They also had the usual suspects of Coke, Pepsi, Stewart’s, and so on and so forth.  The glass walls of the building are lined with the bright colors and odd shapes of soda pop bottles.  They are glued into place, as I found out when I tried to move one.

Our waiter was a happy fellow and Pops was pretty busy when we were there.  They need to do something about the entrance, as you step directly into people waiting to be seated, or people step directly into you.  It seems like it would be easy enough to move the Greeter’s Podium over about five feet and avoid this mass congestion.

Pops real attraction is all the many flavored sodas and the rainbow of colors.  There were one or two old sodas I haven’t seen in a while, like Triple XXX root beer, but most of the sodas on display where brands I had never heard of.  Lots of people just bought a six pack of random flavors and took them away in the colorful Pops cartons.  At $2 a bottle, these odd sodas were not all that cheap, but then, where else are you going to find a nice refreshing bottle of Rat Bastard Root Beer?

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