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I use Priceline a lot. Like once a week or so. I’ve become a huge fan of the Express Deals feature, which often has rooms at half their normal cost. The only problem is that you don’t know which hotel has the good deal until you buy it. Of course, you can do a little research and figure it out most of the time. Look at the map and the rating and comapre it to the regular listings.  I often just roll the dice though.

Over the years I have been using Priceline I have only had one or two problems, and these were not problems with Priceline, they were problems with the hotels that have chosen to do business with Priceline.

extended_stay_america_logoI recently stayed at an Extended Stay America in Austin, Texas. I have stayed at other Extended Stays and found them to my liking.  This one, Extended Stay American Austin Metro, was a little different. I don’t smoke, so I always opt for nonsmoking rooms. I’m kind of surprised that there are any smoking hotels still around, but there are, so I have to make sure at check in that I get the room I booked. This Extended Stay America put me in a smoking room, even though my receipt from Priceline said Nonsmoking. The night clerk’s response to my complaint? Well, you booked through Priceline.  He made a dismissive motion to my reciept and said that it was from Priceline, which meant it was meaningless to him.

Ok, dumbfuck that works at Extended Stay America, I’m not pissed off at Priceline, I’m pissed off at Extended Stay America.

I’ve had other employees at hotels make snide remarks about my using Priceline. Here’s an idea, if you can’t be bothered to honor your agreements with Priceline and their customers, then don’t do business with Priceline. I’d be happy enough to give my money to someone else.

The Extended Stay America clerk went on to say that I just didn’t understand, that’s how Priceline does things. No, it’s how you do things. If you don’t like Priceline selling your rooms on the cheap, then opt out of Priceline. And if it’s not your choice, but Extended Stay America Corporate, take it up with them.  Don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining.

Do you really think making me unhappy is going teach me not to use Priceline? No, it’s taught me not to use Extended Stay America Metro in Austin. Priceline honored their part of the bargain, they sold me a nonsmoking room at a price I wanted to pay. Extended Stay America didn’t honor their part of the bargain by putting me the wrong room and blaming someone else for their mistake.

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One comment on “Priceline and Extended Stay America

    Our main experience was Expedia, and that made us shy away from all these services. Even the Shatty one you prefer.

    We were going to stay in the lakes area of northern Italy. Think of the mountains in the second “Star Wars” movie, without the CGI buildings, petulant actors, or Lucas dialogue. That’s really it, actually. They filmed some of it there.

    We reserved the room months in advance. Got to get your ducks in a row, right?

    We got there: no room. Turns out Expedia had sent in our reservation the mere DAY before we were to arrive. And no room.

    This hotel was nice enough to put is in a nearby luxury cottage that had just been built, brand new. They did their best to cover for Expedia’s ridiculous practices.

    Kind of the opposite if your experience: where Priceline did what they were supposed to, and the hotel went out of their way to crap on you out of spite.

    By the way, that Extended Stay place? Make sure to tell what you think on their TripAdvisor page.

    Just don’t add “…and it had bedbugs”, which appears to be obligatory at Trip Advisor.

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