Primeval-Monsters Out of Time

Primeval is a British ITV show about holes in time that varied and sundry beasties wander through. They all end up near London and our merry band of heroes is always there to save the day.

In the tradition of Dr Who Primeval is a sort of Sci Fi show, in that there doesn’t seem to be much real science, but there is a lot of fiction. Also like Dr Who, the special effects are not exactly up there with Jurassic Park.

Primeval is coming to BBC America on August 9th and I’m sure fans of Dr Who and Torchwood will like it as well.

The basic storyline of Primeval is that there are ‘anomalies’ where time overlaps and you can travel from one time period to another. It seems mainly to be prehistoric time periods in the first few episodes. Dinosaurs of one sort or another pop out of the nowhere and into the here and start eating people.

As with all shows like Primeval-Torchwood, The X-Files, even CSI, there has to be a group of people who go in and have a look at what is happening. The little band of heroes in Primeval seems a bit more random than most, but I like them. The main here is has a great accent. It his dead for 8 years wife who seems to control, or at least, understand the time portals. There two younger guys, a nerdy fellow who likes to wear hats and a good looking brooding fellow. My favorite character is a hot young blonde woman-who is literally hot as she has to keep her flat warm so her pet dinosaur doesn’t get sick. The main reason for this cute little dino seems to be that it gives our pretty young hero an excuse to run around in her underwear from time to time.

The story is pretty good, the usual what would you do if you could travel through time kind of thing and how would modern people deal with such things as monster crocodiles and a handful of dodos. They seem to have an odd policy of sending the animals back, rather than sending them to the London Zoo. They also have problem sending the odd assortment of metal items into the past, as the anomalies are magnetic.

There was an episode where Dodo birds popped out of the time portal and I would have keep the Dodos-people killed them off and here is a chance to bring them back. But since it is Primeval and not Prime Goodness, the Dodos are not a feel good story of redemption for past wrongs. things go wrong in Primeval rather a lot, but that happens when monsters roam the countryside.

Primeval is a fun show, even if the monsters are all rather bad CGI. The people are good looking and the villians are the Home Office, not the monsters, anyway. Primeval is a fun show with the occasional extra being eaten by some giant something and the occasional pretty young woman in her underwear. What more could you want from a sci fi show? A plot? Don’t be silly.

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