Prison Break-1 Season Too Many

Prison Break was a show that was, I feel sure, meant to be a One Season Wonder. Get some ratings, if possible, but wrap up the story in one season and get it over with. But then the unforeseen happened, Prison Break was a hit. So getting out of Fox River was not enough, we had to stretch out this ever more ridiculous Presidential Conspiracy story until it was as thin as a super model on Jenny Craig.
Then there was Mexico, Prison Break style. This is not the real Mexico, this is some comic book version of Mexico where there is no law and no one needs no stinken badges. The prison our hero finds himself in this time is like something form a Sci Fi story, where you toss in the new prisoners and the old ones kill them for their shoes and then cook them for dinner. In short, it’s just damned nonsense.
Now maybe there are evil prisons in the world where the guards are on the outside and the inmates kill each other for the hell of it. Seems to be that way in a lot of U.S. Prisons come to think of it-the ones I see on TV, anyway.
Most TV Shows reach a breaking point, and Prison Break is not exception, where it is just one season too many. MASH actually went two or three seasons too many, and would likely still be on today if the actors hadn’t said enough is enough. Cheers went on for two or three too many seasons. In fact, every season after Diane left was a season too many. Doesn’t mean I didn’t still watch them, just that after I while I ask myself why I was still watching them. I stopped watching Home Improvement long before the ax fell. Ditto with The Cosby Show and Rosanne. Something bad happens after a couple of years of success.
But Prison Break has gone way beyond something bad, it has lost its way big time. Ok, the show has always been pretty violent and killed people off. The whole premise of the first season was a murder charge and people dying in prison, one way or another. But this whole season is too much. Chopping off the girlfriends head and sticking it in a cardboard box was the last straw for me. I watched one more episode,but after that, what the hell’s the point?
They have now set up the show to kill off all the main characters if they want to. They have taken the last two seasons and tossed them out the window, they don’t matter. Nothing matters. The only thing left to hope for is some pointless revenge at the end of the season where the bad guys are killed as violently as possible. That is nothing to look forward to. I was never a fan of the Charles Bronson Death Wish films. I don’t want to watch people I have come to care about get whacked every week just for the hell of it.
Why couldn’t they just end it last season and let everyone ride off into the sunset?

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