Ricky Gervais: Out of England

I’m a big fan of most things British-with the notable exception of Little Britain which I have never found all that funny-but then, it was a long time after Monty Python came out that I fully appreciated it’s odd sense of humor.

Ricky Gervais is the star of Britain’s The Office and HBO’s Extras, both of which are fun shows which have a fairly clueless hero trying to make the best of it. Ricky Gervais has a great deadpan face and does a wonderful job of looking incredulous when presented with just about anything.

Ricky Gervais:Out of England The Stand-Up Special was a pretty fun show. In standard solo comic fashion there was a giant sign behind Ricky Gervais which said RICKY, in case you forgot who that yabbering yahoo on stage was. He was a bit over the top, and he was also very funny. I loved the whole bit about Humpty Dumpty, there is something sweet about a grown man having to use nursery rhythms as part of his very foul mouthed comedy routine.

Ricky Gervais mentioned his charity work as an opening for all his bits-which was a bit silly, but not all that funny. He was also really, really happy. He had a ton of energy and put on a good show. It was a slam bang kind of performance with one bit falling quickly onto of the next. I laughed a lot.

One of the odder bits in the routine was about an old postcard he found that offered suggestions for gay couples to help prevent the spread of AIDS. The idea was to find other things to do than have anal sex. The suggestions on the card were things such as-Why not just masturbate each other? and Why not just come in his hair? Ricky Gervais acted out the suggestions in his usual silly fashion.

On the cuter side Ricky Gervais talked about how Elephants had been found swimming two miles off the African coast and how rubbing a spider can cause it to lose it’s hair. He then goes on to imagine The Coast Guard pulling the elephant over and telling him that wasn’t allowed to swim, let alone swim two miles out at sea. He also tells how embarrassed a bald spider would be and how he would wear a baseball cap to hide it.

This is Great Stuff.

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