Right, Talk Like A Pirate Day, It Be

September 19th be Talk Like A Pirate Day, as was set down by the Almighty Programmers of The Sims. Arrh some such silly persons as be lost to the mists of time.
A Pirate walks into a bar. He has a ship’s wheel where his belt buckle should be. The Bartender looks at him and asks, “What’s with the wheel?”
“Arrgh,” The Pirate says, “That drives me nuts.”
Talk Like A Pirate Day-start on the right and righteous path.
Double up on all your adjectives and you’ll be bountifully bombastic with your phrasing. Pirates never speak of “a big ship”, they call it a “great, grand ship!” They never say never, they say “No nay ne’er!”
Drop all your “g”‘s when you speak and you’ll get words like “rowin'”, “sailin'” and “fightin'”.
Dropping all of your “v”‘s
will get you words like “ne’er”, “e’er” and “o’er”.Instead of saying “I am”, sailors say, “I be”. Instead of saying “You are”, sailors say, “You be”. Instead of saying, “They are”, sailors say, “They be”. Ne’er speak in anythin’ but the present tense! For much more on Talking Like a Pirate visit Talk Like A Pirate Day HQ.
My Favorite Pirates be as follows-Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Blood, and Yellowbeard.
I even liked that rather horrible TV show Pirate Masters, which you can watch online if you’ve a mind to.
So avast me hearties, and have swashbuckling grand and glorious Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!!
Where does a Pirate eat lunch? ARRRRBY’s!

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