Sarah Palin? I Predicted Another Old White Guy

George Bush-Worst President Ever-is killing time until he has to hand over the keys to Airforce One. Barrack Obama, The Change Candidate, picked an old white guy as VP. And Old White Guy John McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is very interesting. While watching a bit of Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech she spent some time talking about her husband-kiddo, we don’t even know who you are yet alone who your husband is.

Obama and McCain are easily the two weakest Presidential Candidates since Bush vs Kerry. I would have liked to have seen Hilliary Clinton running for President and I wonder how many of the people who voted for Obama in the Primaries would like the same thing. McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for VP was a shocking and brilliant move-the kind of move Obama should have made.

We all love candidates we know absolutely nothing about. All of them are good until they open their mouths and start talking, then we find out that they have real opinions and views and who wants that in The White House?

One of my favorite BritComs is Yes, Minister-in which a good man becomes a Minister and finds that all the power is held by a group of unelected Civil Servants who only care about preserving their own powerbase. Mr Smith Goes To Washington is also based on the general idea that one can’t really make a difference, but at least he can try. Government exists to promote Government and any illusions we have that they want what is best for the country is just that, an illusion. But it is still fun to watch the show.

So why not have the Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as VP? Maybe it is time for some Change. How many votes will Hillary Clinton need to win with a write in campaign?

At least neither of these Candidates could be any worse than George W Bush, could they?

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4 comments on “Sarah Palin? I Predicted Another Old White Guy

    Since we have been experiencing the worst in government the past 8 years, all the candidates seem like better choices.

    But, then again, do any of them have what it takes to bring about real change? Are they strong enough to deal with “Big Business” and the “Military Machine” that has been gaining power and wealthe over the past 8 years.?

    Let us home that the power of positive thinking, and good over ev il, are real forces in the world!!!

  2. RELAX MAX says:

    Hope you are having a good time down there. Louisiana? Well, just to stir your pot again, tell us all why you think Bush is the worst president ever? Everybody says that, but they act as if it is simply common knowledge and don’t really come up with specifics. I mean, more than half of Americans voted for him last time, right? All simply stupid and uninformed, then? Why is a worse president than, say Jimmy Carter (my own favorite for worst president ever.) Heh. You probably already know that I hate all politicians of all parties, so don’t pull your punches. 🙂 It will be good to see you back.

  3. DESCARTES says:

    Gail-I tend to agree. Anyone would be better than George, but can anyone really do anything about the broken system they have to work with?
    Max-Reasons? We don’t need no stickin Reasons!
    But I’ll give one anyway. George W Bush is the worst President Ever for how he reacted to 9/11. He invaded Iraq for no damned reason other than he wanted to. He is personally responsible for every death-and I mean on every side- since the invasion. It was a mistake and will likely continue to be a mistake as long as the United States remain in existence.

    Carter won because he was running against the Second Worst President of All Time, Jerry Ford. The argument can be made that there has not been a really good President in the past fifty years or so. It’s all TV’s fault, if I knew nothing about dimwit George, I’m sure I would have a much higher opinion of him.

  4. MINERVA66 says:

    Personally, I don’t care who McCain picked as a running mate. He is not qualified to be President, because he has no apparent reasoning ability. Judgment matters more than experience. As for Palin vs Obama in terms of experience-Obama has spent the last year telling people who he is and what he is about. If you don’t have a clue about him yet, you are either not going to or you haven’t listened. Maybe it comes down to what your preferences are, and I believe we need a change from the conservative crap that has been dumped on us. Palin is a woman, but she’s for all of that crap.

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