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I’ve always been shocked by how much College textbooks and university textbooks cost. The Wife is a big fan of College and has, from time to time, needed college textbooks. They are expensive.

Prices have risen dramatically – up 186% from 1986 to 2006. On every beginning of semester, students are busy to buy cheaper used textbooks and sell their used textbooks from last semester. This is extremely waste time and not much easy to get the so called good quality USED textbooks. Some students may believe that buy BRAND NEW textbooks from college bookstores or university bookstores, and then resell them in next semester. However, how much you expect to get back? At most 15% of the brand new textbooks prices.

Here are 5 tips to help you buy textbooks with saving money.

1) DON’T buy textbooks from college bookstore and university bookstore. Their prices are really high. Instead, buy textbooks from online bookstores. For example, CocoMartini Buy University Discount Textbooks Online Bookstore that focuses on college textbooks and university textbooks markets. They offer at most 80% off discount price from market prices. All the textbooks are 100% brand new. So, need not worry how much the textbooks can be resell because the brand new price is already dramatically reduced. Also, need not waste time to find other bookstore and compare the prices.

2) When you are search textbooks, please make sure you use the corresponding ISBN number to search. That will 100% accurate and the searching results will be much more accurately.

3) Don’t rush to buy your textbooks before classes start. Ask your professor how often you’ll be needing the textbook. Some professors throw a book on the syllabus because it’s required by the university and never get around to opening it. Some professors encourage you to share textbooks, because you’ll be using it so infrequently.

4) Check with students who’ve taken the class before to get a feel for which textbooks you’ll really need. This can help you prioritize.

5) Check with the professor to see if an earlier or international version of the textbook will fit the class needs. For example, from Online Bookstore, previous or non-US textbooks always sell for 80% discounts from latest editions or US editions.

Don’t waste time and money on college bookstores and university bookstore. Get more information from online bookstores, like CocoMartini Buy University Discount Textbooks Online Bookstore. You will be attracted by the discount textbooks.

Finding College Textbooks online is cheaper and easier than it has ever been. So before you buy that hundred and fifty dollar college textbook, look online first and see if you can save a few dollars.

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  1. MUST says:

    Have u try the online bookstore to buy textbooks

    I get all my textbooks for this semester from this bookstore. All are brand new textbooks and half price discount textbooks and cheap textbooks.

    Good luck and wish some help.

    hehe ^_^

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