Secondhand Souls

secondhand souls

The further adventures of Asher and Co.

Asher the dead Beta Male returns as a crocodile headed Squerril Person-who has a ten inch penis that he keeps wrapped around his waist as an erection causes him to faint. We also see Minty Fresh, The Emperor of San Fransico, and the rest of the gang from the other books in this series. If there are cameos from other books I didn’t notice them this time.

Fisher Stevens returns to read the audio book and does the same brilliant job he’s done on the other Christopher Moore books he’s read.

There are a couple of odd side stories that don’t really seem to fit in with the rest of the book. These are stories told by a couple of ghosts about why they are haunting the Golden Gate Bridge. They are cute enough stories, but they don’t really serve any purpose except to pad the length of the book. And that’s about it on the negatives.

Secondhand Souls is a fun book with a few touching moments and plenty of laugh out loud-really laugh out loud-moments.

The story is a simple good guys beat bad guys plot that serves as a framework for the jokes to rest on. There are what seem like dozens of subplots, none of which amount to much, but all of which are fun. Of course, Moore’s books have never been plotted like Moby Dick or 100 Years of Solitude, though he has tried his hand at more serious fare like Sacre Bleu, a book I really loved. Secondhand Souls had a few more serious moments, but they did feel a bit out of place in this nonsense world.

My favorite bits came near the end. A lot of slow build up and rapid resolutions that left just enough space for a lot of gags. I liked Secondhand Souls.

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