Showtime’s Dexter Season 3

Spoilers within

The opening of season 3 of Dexter had to have at least one shock, and it does. But after two seasons of Serial Killers to the Max, the storyline is a bit more normal. Of course, it is Dexter, so nothing is ever completely normal.

In his usual Hunt and Kill mode Morgan Dexter finds a bad guy to kill-he sets up his usual plastic wrapped room, he gets ready for the kill, and then someone else is there ahead of him. Dexter fights off an unknown assailant and ends up killing him. This is upsetting to Dexter as it breaks the Code of Harry in that he doesn’t know that the man he killed is evil. But since the man was in a drug dealers house and seemed to be intent on killing said drug dealer, it’s a safe bet he was no Saint.

Only, it turns out he is a Saint of sorts and related to some High Powers in the City Government and the Cuban community. Dexter has his usual scares of being caught, but he has a fall guy to pin the crime on-if he can catch up to him.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s life has taken on a solid regularity, he is moving away from The Code of Harry and the total obsession that goes with being a Serial Killer. He is spending more time having sex with Rita and even goes to school with one her kids for Dad’s Day.

The rest of the Gang from the Squad Room are much as we last saw them. Angel Batista is still brooding, though he has been made Sargent. Lt. LaGuerta is still unhappy and likely to remain so, as the latest of Dexter’s victims was a friend of hers. The Bald Smart Ass Lab guy Vincent Masuka is still a smart ass and still bald. And there are two new members added to the Gang, one is a woman from Internal Affairs and the other is a man she is investigating, who happens to have the Hots for Dexter’s Sister Deb Morgan-who seems destine to continue her bad luck with men and her career path.

Rita and Dexter are spending a lot of time together and Rita seems suddenly interested in only Chocolate Pudding and having sex with Dexter. As the first episode ends, she realizes that she has felt this way before-the last time she was pregnant. Shocker that. Great stuff. The very idea of a horde of Little Dexters is a bit scary, isn’t it?

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2 comments on “Showtime’s Dexter Season 3
  1. $UGAR says:

    Little Dexter.. that’s must be very interesting… I love watching Dexter.. Can’t just wait to watch it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    Dexter has been a consistently good show and see nor reason why this season will be any different.

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