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While doing my usual Google Trend Crawl I found Skulls Unlimited, who deal in museum display supplies, mostly skulls. These two are a Grey Wolf($175 for a replica) on the left and a Risso’s Grampus Dolphin($286 for a replica) on the right below. I have been to Ren Faires that have booths selling skulls and bones of one kind or another. We bought a little Bobcat skull and it was so fragile and delicate, the tiny teeth sharp and very white. I can see a museum display design using these kinds of things, but I can also see skulls sitting on a shelf in my house.
These would make pretty nice trade show displays as well, though I am not exactly sure what kind of trade show. There is that whole skull art thing from the southwest and maybe a biker or two would like a skull mounted on their motorcycle handlebars. There are a lot of animal skulls available by search on this site. Dogs and cats and wolves and well, you name it.
Human skull replicas as well. All kinds of oddly distorted and broken skull replicas. Most of these replicas cost about three hundred dollars. How about your own Peking Man? You can get one for under two hundred dollars.
I couldn’t resist stopping in on the Discounted Items page. How about a grab bag of skulls for about $90? Seven small forest animal skulls, subject to change without notice.
How about a complete skeleton? They have snakes and birds and fish and turtles and all kinds of really wild looking things. You can make your house look like The Adams Family lives there without too much effort. There is something so very fascinating about bones, especially when they are articulated animal skeletons. Get your own dinosaur watch out for the Velociraptor.
Mike Rowe helped clean up real skulls on Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, but I am not really a big fan of the show, a bit too much gross stuff my taste. The cleaned skulls are way cool, how they get them clean, not so interested.

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