Slow Morning on Google Trends

Valentina Vaughn is number one on Google Trends, which is a little odd. Valentina Vaughn is a porn star that was Penthouse Pet of the Month for June 2005. When Valentina Vaughn visited the Howard Stern Show to promote the layout, he declared her one of the hottest girls he’d ever had on the show. Valentina Vaughn has made a number appearances on the Howard Stern Show and the videos are easy enough to find.
Trevor Goddard is number two this morning, with no clear indication as to who or what a Trevor Goddard is.
The third spot goes to Micheal Evans, who has died at the age 87. Michael Evans was on Broadway with Audrey Hepburn and acted on The Young and The Restless. I knew Michael Evans as Mr Jefferson’s put upon son. Michael Evans made his stage debut in London in 1948 before moving to New York to star in the Broadway show Ring Round the Moon opposite Harry Belafonte.
Number four is Portico Magazine, which I have never heard of, one more sign that I need to get out more. Of course, just a casual visit to a Barnes and Noble shows me that there are way too many magazines in the world already. Five magazines on Photoshop, ten on Fine Art Photography, several on Woodworking. Still, it is fun to look at the pictures, isn’t it?
The last of the Top Five for the moment is He Pingping, The Shortest Man in The World at 2.4 feet in height. I’m sorry, is it still politically correct to track the shortest and tallest people in the world? How about the fattest or the one with the most tattoos? I can sort of understand the interest in the Richest Man/Woman in the World, so we all know how much we need to make to get there, but I’m not going to grow anymore.
Just a slow day on the Google Trends front. The fact that’s it’s a slow day can be seen by the fact that September 27 makes a few appearances on the list. I guess I am not the only with nothing exciting say talk about today.

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