About six months ago I joined the rest of the world and got a Smartphone.

In December a hit and run driver slammed into my 2006 Grand Caravan. It was a minor wreck. I called the police and when I was done, I drove home. But that was it for the van. A car that had taken me all over the country. Totalled…as the insurance company that wrote me a check for six hundred dollars called it.

Now my world is altered. I have things to think about. Choices to make. I decide that I need a newer car and that I need to make money with it. I do a lot of searching. I decide to get a 2015 or 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. And to do Uber on the days I’m not taking portraits…which is my ‘real’ job.

In order to do Uber or Lyft or Instacart or Favor or Postmates, I had to have a Smartphone.

My phone is an LG Stylo2. It’s a nice sized phone and I can use all those side Gig apps. I gave Uber and Lyft a shot, but didn’t love either that much. I stumbled upon Instacart, a gig where you shop for and deliver groceries. Its my go to side Gig. It’s something I like doing.

I’ve always been a fan of jobs where I have a lot of free time. Security guard, assembly line portrait photographer, and now App based jobs. Instacart sees me sitting around much of the work day. I’d rather be working…but I don’t mind waiting around until there’s something to do.

Smartphones are delivery systems for Apps.

I use my Gig apps on a regular basis,  but the two apps that get the most screen time are Waze and Podcast Republic.

Waze is a way cool navigation app. Not always perfect…it has taken to the wrong address a couple of times…but it has a lot of cool options. I make mine sound like a British woman. I also get notices about police ahead and a little ding when I go over the speed limit.

Podcasts are a whole new world for me. Sort of. I’ve always been a fan of NPR and audio books, but this is a little different. Many of the pocasts clearly have no Editors, Directors, or Sound Engineers. These shows can be a shock to the system. Others are completely professional and are a joy to listen to. I like No Such Thing As A Fish and Revisionist History. Among many others.

I also have a few games. Governor of Poker 3 and Bit Dungeon II are current favorites.

I have now become one of those people who constantly has my phone in my hand. I wrote this blog post on my phone.

I still use my laptop or desktop to bang out my novels…this tiny keyboard is not really to my liking.

I like my phone and my new van-a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan. So far so good on the making money front.


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Writer, Photographer, Blogger.

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