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Fans of Star Trek have never really been happy with the newer editions of Star Trek. We all have these fantasies where NBC doesn’t cancel Star Trek and we get another season or two of the Original Series. Star Trek Continues is a group of those kinds of fans that are imagining a fourth season of Star Trek.

There are four episodes so far and I have to admit that I like them a lot. They are very much in the meladrama format that Star Trek did so well. Tear jerking episodes that play, for the most part, on warm feelings from Star Trek episodes we’ve all seen a dozen times. I especially like Episode 4, the final little reveal was brilliant.

What have they done right? A lot. A hell of a lot. They have the sets, sounds, lighting, camera angles, and music down to a T. The costumes are dead on and for the most part, it looks and sounds like an old episode of Star Trek from those glory days of the 1960s. They have also taken the liberty of adding a few upgrades from the future of Star Trek. They have a Ship’s Counselor and a Holodeck, both the first of their kind and both welcome additions to the story.

And what have they not got quite right? Well, the actors are all off just enough to be annoying. They did a great job of finding look alikes for several of the actors. Vic Mignogna could be a stunt double of 1969’s William Shanter. He looks and move like James T. Kirk. So it comes as a horrible shock each and every time he opens his mouth. Yes, Kirk was a soft spoken fellow, but his voice wasn’t so high pitched you might mistake him for a eunuch. The actors playing McCoy and Scotty both try to give their characters a little identity, but everyone else just talks. This makes it pretty confusing whenever one of the characters makes a long speech on the ship’s intercom. You don’t always know whose supposed to be talking.

The stories are great and if the acting was just a bit better, this would be a totally brilliant show. Like Star Trek Renegades, this is a show that gets funding from Kickstarter, but the folks at Star Trek Continues are spending the money in much better ways. It’s not perfect, but it is surprisingly good for what it is. If you like Star Trek you should watch Star Trek Continues.

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