Stargate Atlantis Ends

And Stargate Universe is set to take off.

But before the new Stargate Universe gets under way, we have to let the old team save the Earth-yawn-one more time. In the last episode of Stargate Atlantis our heroes meet up with good old Wraith Todd, who tells them of a new threat and also that he has a couple of spare ZPMs laying around. In fact, he was just kicked off a suped up Hive Ship powered by a Zed P M. The End of The World is Close at Hand.

There are a few tense moments-and for just a second or two I thought Stargate Atlantis might follow in the footsteps of Space Above and Beyond and just kill off everyone. But hey, these are Stargate heroes, they never die-well, they do die, they just don’t stay dead. Just as Stargate SG-1 is still alive and well and making direct to DVD movies, so will the cast of Stargate Atlantis live to fight another day.

All in all, the last episode was just another episode. There were no great revelations, no So Longs and Thanks for all the fishes, no All Good Things Must End. We don’t even know what happened to Todd-except the actor playing him seems to be pretty busy playing a couple of other characters on Sanctuary. The world is threatened, the world is saved, life on Stargate Atlantis goes blissfully along.

I have liked this show, even though it has gone through way too many cast changes over the years. If Atlantis had a cat it would have been the next commander of the station. Still, it was good stuff and I’m sorry to see it go.

Stargate Universe seems to be one of those sci fi shows with a strong Gilligan’s Island component-our heroes are lost in another galaxy and trying to get home. Their ship drags them from planet to planet-so there is also a good Sliders/Lost in Space aspect to the show. Always new life and new civilisations to meet. After a while it’s pretty much impossible not to see aspects of other shows in new shows. I will watch Stargate Universe just as I have watched every other sci fi shows that I have run across.

I will hope for the best, and brace myself for the worst.

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