Stargate-The Ark of Truth

I’d heard rumors of a Stargate movie being made for some time, with the usual debate being will it be a Stargate Tv Show movie, or a sequel to the Movie. The Ark of Truth was never meant to be a theatrical release, too much back story needed for an uninitiated viewer to figure out what is going on. In fact, most Stargate shows are heavy on the back story and need little preludes to remind the viewer what is going on.
The Ark of Truth was a good show with a lot of drama and suspense-even though there were a few problems with the storyline. The introduction of a new villian from The Government-a regular bad guy in the Stargate universe- might as well have showed up wearing a red shirt. They were helped more than once by an Ascended Being-good old fashioned deus ex machina. And then there was the bizarre introduction of The Replicators and the lifting of the entire ending sequence of The Terminator. But hey, it was still fun.
And speaking of deus ex machina, there was that whole Ark of Truth nonsense.
Sci fi writers are usually pretty good at coming up with serious, really bad, really unbeatable bad guys. The Borg, The Aliens, The Terminator, and so on. They tend to fall down on the job when it comes to defeating them. Putting The Borg to sleep was the single lamest Star Trek solution in an infinity of lame Star Trek solutions. Turning The Aliens into playthings for Predators was pretty damned lame as well. And having The Terminator walk into one of a handful of places that could destroy him seems kind of a silly thing for a super smart machine to do. So there was no good way to beat the Ori-except they already did that, the Ori are dead.
Well, almost-there is one Ascended being left in the Ori Galaxy, Vala’s ‘daughter’ who is now sucking up all the Mana from her countless worshipers. The Priors are still near all powerful and doing their best to convert the unbelievers. The Ark of Truth is kind of a super brainwashing machine that makes anyone who looks into it believe whatever the Ark’s programers want them to believe. At the moment you stop believeing the Ori are gods when you look into it.
As usual there were three or four story lines running at the same time, so that you are constantly hopping from one unlikely event to another and don’t have time to stop and think, wow-that doesn’t make any sense.
But if you want to see the whole Stargate SG-1 gang together again, saving the galaxy, and cracking wise-then The Ark of Truth is for you.

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