Stargate Universe Canceled by Syfy

The Syfy channel seems to be more interested in Wrestling and Paranormal BS than actual science fiction.  Maybe that’s why they changed their name.  The Syfy channel canceled Stargate Universe only weeks after canceling Caprica.

The only shows remaining are Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, and Eureka.  Tick tick tick That’s the sound of your life running out.

I never liked Caprica, it was too much a show about The Matrix and too little a show about Battlestar Gallactica.  But it was starting to get a little interesting, just when they axed it.

I didn’t like Stargate Universe either, for similar reasons.   The show had next to nothing in common with the long running SG-1 and the slightly more blood thirsty SG-Atlantis.  None of the characters were likable, and the whole idea of a million year old spaceship just seems a bit silly.  But again, it was starting to make a little more sense and I was coming to like one or two of the characters.

Word is that members of the cast found out about the cancellation of Stargate Universe on Twitter.  Nice.

Times are always hard for fans of Science Fiction on television.  These are shows that cost a lot of money to make, they have a lot of special effects and the good ones need real writers and not hacks who can bang out Lake Placid XXVI in their sleep.

Sadly Lake Placid 3 was one of the Syfy Network’s higher rated shows, along with the total nonsense of Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters.  So fans of Science Fiction have themselves to blame, we expect too much and bail on shows too quickly-only to fall in love with them once they are canceled.

I was more upset when Heroes was canceled, I really won’t miss SG-U that much.  But any Sci Fi is better than no Sci Fi.  I’ll even watch the horrid Sanctuary if it encourages the Syfy Channel to produce more science fiction and less ghost busters.

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