Stargate’s Ronon Dex Attacked at Restaurant

Authorities have charged a man with assault for allegedly striking “Stargate Atlantis” actor Jason Momoa in the face with a beer glass, causing wounds that required 140 stitches.-AP

140 stitches? In the face? Bloody Hell.

One of the risks of being an actor is that people are stupid. They slap soap opera stars because they are cheating on their soap opera husbands. They want to fight with pro wrestlers to show how tough they are. They want to have sex with all the pretty women they see having sex with everyone on TV or in the movies.

Jason Momoa is a pretty good looking guy who plays a really tough guy on TV. Being famous shouldn’t be a sentence to solitary confinement, but with all the damned crazies out there-just eat at home. Ronon Dex is a tough guy character, and a face full of scares might fit right in with his persona. Or this might be it for Jason Momoa’s acting career and he can count himself lucky to have survived the assault.

Los Angeles County prosecutors yesterday announced a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge against 21-year-old Dominic Bando. He’s accused of attacking Momoa at a Hollywood restaurant Nov. 15. Bando, who was already on probation after he was convicted of gun charges in March, faces up to seven years in jail.

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2 comments on “Stargate’s Ronon Dex Attacked at Restaurant
  1. BUDDHA says:

    There is nothing wrong to want to have sex with all the Hollywood hotties, unless you are gay.
    The problem is that some people don’t understand that the hotties don’t want to have sex with you, unless you are gay.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    So you mean Ellen DeGeneres is a slag?

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