Stephenville UFOs-Put in a call to Agent Mulder

Pilot Steve Allen says he saw a mile long and a ½ mile wide object: “It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts.”

Stephenville UFO sightings fit right into the normal pattern of UFO Sighting, as this small Texas town is in the middle of nowhere and populated by farmers and ranchers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The reports say that dozens of people have seen bright lights where there should not to be any bright lights. I have always been a big fan the whole UFO phenomenon. We even made the pilgrimage to Roswell on the fiftieth anniversary of the UFO Crash.

When I was in High School a giant UFO buzzed Fort Worth, Texas. This was an odd Unidentified Flying Object, as it was over a city-like the Mexico City UFOs. Thousands of witnesses can’t be wrong, can they? The next day in school, we were all talking about it. A friend of mine drew a very detailed picture of the triangular UFO that did indeed appear to be a mile or so across. Not than any of us knew how far a mile across was, but it sounded impressive. I saw this UFO myself, along with most of the people in Fort Worth, Texas. It did appear triangular, but I didn’t see the complex lights and rows of windows that my friend added to his sketch of the UFO.

This was a big deal, and it made the local news. They tossed the UFO story over to the weatherman, who showed us all some footage of a very large weather balloon taking off and heading for the stratosphere. It was shiny and triangular in shape, being flat at the top until it hits the higher atmosphere. Most of us nodded our heads and said, oh, so that is what our UFO was. But some of us, like my friend with the detailed drawing, maintained that it was not a weather balloon but an alien craft-a real UFO.

So did the good people of Stephenville see a weather balloon? Was the Stepenville UFO nothing more than light glinting of high flying airplanes? Do we have Swamp Gas in the house? Going Once, Going Twice-Sold to light bouncing off aircraft as the ‘official explanation.’ It is worth noting that there have never been any logical reasons for the Marfa Lights, which are a lot farther West in Texas than Stephenville. So maybe a couple of the Marfa Lights got lost, or maybe they just wanted a holiday. West Texas is pretty dull.

If you head down to look at the Stephenville UFOs, there are a couple of cool places to visit in the area. The Glen Rose Dinosaur Park is not too far away, on a clear day you can spot a few old dino footprints in the riverbed. Then there is the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Plant, which is not as much fun as it used to be, but is still worth a stop to buy some Hot Dr Pepper. Hmm, Dublin Dr Pepper made with Real Sugar. One of the Stephenville UFO sightings was actually a Dublin UFO sighting. But that might confuse people, seeing as there is that other Dublin.

The Truth is Out There.

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