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Please keep these tips in mind:

Be as specific as possible with URLs.

If you’re pointing to a post on a blog, for instance, please submit permalinks to a specific entry on the site, not the main url. While a whole site may be great, we are more interesting specific items.

Tell us a bit about the link you’re sending.

Explain what we can expect to see when we get there. Please don’t suggest a link without telling us what its about.

You don’t have to sign up to If You Write It’s RSS Feed to get a link, but it would one way to spot your link if it is published here.

If You Write It is meant to a fun place to stop by, odd current events and slightly silly items are mixed in with book and movie reviews. We are looking for Links that will make people smile, laugh, or maybe make them think for a few seconds-in a fun way. If You Write It is currently not that big on sports or politics. We are looking for links about our Odd World and the random and funny things that go on in it.

Use this form, to send us your suggestions about If You Write It.

Both Rants and Raves are welcome.

If you are craving for a little fanfare and popularity, you can also send us cool tips and tricks related to Internet, Blogging, Computers, cool stuff you found out or anything in general. If we find your tip interesting, it will be published in your name.

Thank you!

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Jon Herrera

Writer, Photographer, Blogger.
Jon Herrera

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Writer, Photographer, Blogger.

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