Suicide Squad

suicide-squadWas This Trip Really Necessary? No, No It Wasn’t.


Ok, when two of your Big Bad Villains are Gods, you can’t kill them with a couple of bricks of C4. You just can’t. And when you let your main pure evil, murdering scumbag, Government Employee get away in the end, well, you can’t do that either.

Suicide Squad wasn’t quite as bad as Ghostbusters, but that’s not saying a hell of a lot. This was easily the most over-hyped film of the year and just as easily one of the worst films of the year.

We start off with a bunch of characters you likely aren’t that familiar with and watch then end up in some super secret prison in Louisiana. Or someplace. They are bad guys and so they have no rights and are treated like animals. Why not just kill them? Well, because the Government, the real villain in the piece, might need them someday. Oh, that day is today.

Random crap happens left and right. Random music blares through the background. Random people and later random things that used to be people are killed by the hundreds. None of these deaths mean anything to anyone. The whole end of Suicide Squad feels like the original Ghostbusters with a bad guy that looks a lot like Gozer the Gozerian, complete with a twirling vortex of doom in the middle of town.

When your ‘heroes’ are all evil and they work for an even greater evil and the bad guy they are battling isn’t really bad but being tortured by the evil woman heading the whole thing….yeah, who the hell cares.

This was a bad movie. I did like a few small spots here and there. This was a movie that had some possibilities to be better than it was. In the end, it was just a lot of random noise that didn’t mean anything.

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