SuperBowlSingleGirl-CyberBegging in The Big League

The Super Bowl hopeful — a 5-foot 6-inch, 110 lb. brunette — plans to raise the money to purchase a thirty second commercial through online gifts via PayPal as well as traditional fundraising effortsSuperBowlSingleGirl

Amy Borkowsky has had a hard time finding Mr Right, so she wants to raise three million dollar to buy an Ad in the Superbowl. The Super Bowl Single Girl website says that Amy is best know for her Amy’s Answering Machine-which I am guessing doesn’t quite pull in 3 million dollars on a regular basis.

Amy Borkowsky made it onto The Today Show to make her pitch to raise 3 million dollars-she has a little over two thousand at this writing. She was alos on MSNBC. According to her Stats she is a member of Mensa and was once on the Price is Right. This is a cute idea, but it seems to me that if SuperBowlSingleGirl could raise 3 million dollars she could forget about the ad and just offer to take would be suitors to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, or maybe London or Paris.

Of course, I’m not sure that Amy is really looking for Mr Right, she is a professional performer and this has the feel of a Publicity Stunt. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Getting your name out there and maybe catching the eye of a movie or tv show producer would be worth a lot more than 3 million dollars. SuperBowlSingleGirl says that if Amy Borkowsky does not reach her goal of three million dollars, or does not have enough time to buy an ad on the Super Bowl, that she will donate the money raised to The United Way. Of course, there seems to be a near infinite number of United Ways out there-maybe they have a branch dedicated to out of work comedians.

SuperBowlSingleGirl has a cute Donate Page with gift levels from a link to $10,000 dollars. I think I would have added one more level-something like the Donald Trump or Bill Gates Level where the whole 3 million dollars can be donated. Hey, if your Cyber Begging for the Big Bucks, Cyber Beg for the Big Bucks. Taking a page from Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive-she has a Copper Level. If every man, woman, and child in America sent in just one penny-she would reach her goal. If SuperBowlSingleGirl can reach every man, woman, and child in America-she should run for President.

It would be nice if Amy Borkowsky tacked on one more page to her SuperBowlSingleGirl site with a list of sites linking to her-spreading some link love might get a few more bloggers on board. So good luck with finding your one true love, Amy. But what if your Soul Mate isn’t a Football Fan?

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