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Driven by James Sallis

Clocking in at an amazingly short 147 pages, Driven is a breath of fresh air when compared to the books I have been reading lately.  The writing is clean and simple.  The sentences short and to the point.  The vocabulary purely functional.    I liked it. Driven finds our mysterious hero Driver alive and well and […]

John Carter

I can’t remember the last time I watched a Disney movie-oh yeah, it was Tron 2.  Shudder. John Carter of Mars is the story of a US Civil War vet who ends up transported to Mars, where he has amazing adventures and wins the heart of a Princess.  The CGI is good enough, it looks […]


Alcatraz is the story of time traveling murders and the people who want to catch them before they kill again.  It’s a good show on many levels, the actors are great, the production values are high, and who doesn’t long for a glimpse of the good old days of prison life in the early 1960s? The […]