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Technorati was around before the whole Social Network thing changed the way bloggers keep score. Now you can count your diggs on Digg, your karma on Reddit, your mixxes on Mixx and so on and so forth to infinity and beyond. Soon there will be more Social Networks than there are bloggers to post to them.

Now we can add the Technorati Favorite Exchange.

The idea is to follow the Path of the Underpants Gnomes-

Step 1-Favorite Me
Step 2-Leave me your Technorati Favorite Link in Comments and I will Favorite you
Step 3-Something Happens
Step 4-We Make Profit.

-I have always loved the elegant logic of the Underpants Gnomes.
As with so many things, Dosh Dosh has taken the time to fully explain the Technorati Favorite Exchange while creating one of the best at the same time. But that was some time ago and none of the ordinal players seem to be interested in a Technorati Favorite Exchange anymore.

If you want to give it a shot you will need a Technorati account and a bit of free time.

Technorati doesn’t seem to care much one way or the other, about all this Technorati Favorite Love floating around. So the Technorati Favorite Exchange of You Favorite Me, and I’ll Favorite You just becomes one of time and effort.

The fun part is at the other end of the list, it will take just over 350 Favorites to crack the top 100 Most Favorited on Technorati. Only 300 to go! Woohoo!

I did not have huge success with my little Technorati Favorite play, but then, I didn’t give it as much effort as I could have. There are likely people who read my blog and and ask, Why the hell did so many people Technorati favorite this blog?

  1. Favourite my blog by clicking here
  2. Leave a comment on this post with your blog address (1 address only please) and I will then favorite your blog as well.
  3. If possible run this exchange on your blog as well and see if it makes any difference.

Below are the hardy souls that I found who still seemed interested in this silliness-if you want to exchange links and Technorati Favorites. I am willing to echange Diggs, Reddit Karma, Mixxes, Propeller Points, and Stumbles-as those are the main places I current submit to.

More Merchant Blog-He got me started on all this.

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