The 10X Rule

So, what’s the difference between success and failure?  Action, of course.  The successful people of the world do things, while the less successful sit around watching tv and playing video games.  Hmm.

The 10X Rule, like most self help books, is a great read that left me feeling as if I have finally found the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

The 10X Rule is simple, to get more, do more.  It’s also a bit scary.  Do more?  You mean, like now?  Yes, now The 10X Rule tells us.

The 10X Rule also has a list of the 32 actions that all successful people do and that you should do as well.  Things like Love Challenges and Readily Take Action.  It’s a good list.

Thinking back on my own life the whole 10X thing does seem to work.  When I was serious about blogging, I got a lot more hits if I post two or three times a day than I do when I only post once or twice a week.

One of the things missing from the 10X Rule is any mention of focus-which is my problem, and I am guessing the problem a lot of others have.  Author Grant Cordone assumes that you have one or two goals and that you can then put all your effort behind them until they become reality.  I tend to have a lot of goals and want to put the 10X effort into all of them.  That is not likely a good plan.

But then, Grant Cordone does list a large number of his own goals he is working on, chief among them getting 6 billion people to think of Grant Cordone when it comes to selling.  His example of how the 10X Rule works tell how he wants his own reality show and the many things he does to make that happen.  At the time of writing he doesn’t actually get the show, but he flies around the country, impresses producers, and sells Harley-Davidsons off a showroom floor.  His show was picked up by the National Geographic Channel as Turnaround King

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failureis a great read-I liked it, but I am not likely to be banging out ten blog posts a day any time soon.

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