The Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant

What’s wrong with the Dallas Cowboys?  Owner Jerry Jones.

It’s been the tradition on local talk radio to call for the head of Jerry Jones after the final loss of the season.  But yesterday the usual rabble rousers were replaced by some college football game, so I had to listen to another sports talk station.

These two guys wanted to talk trash about the Cowboys, but they set some ground rules, no talk about Jerry Jones.  Then they cut off everyone who called in and I changed the station.

The facts of the matter are clear enough, the only way anyone else will ever own the Dallas Cowboys is to pry them from Jerry Jones’ cold, dead hands.  And so long as Jerry Jones is Owner, General Manager, and de facto Head Coach, then the Dallas Cowboys will not move beyond the middle of the pack where they have lived lo these many years.  Which shouldn’t really bother Jerry, the Dallas Cowboy remain the most valuable NFL team, worth almost two billion dollars according to Forbes.

Jerry Jones likes to put on a good show, such as covering his face with his Superbowl ringed hands during the Cowboys lose to the Giants.  But can he really be all that upset or surprised by what he sees?  He hand picked everyone on the field, every player and coach works for Jerry Jones and asks how high when he says jump.  And this is the problem, Jerry Jones hasn’t got a clue when it comes to building an NFL team.

Jimmy Johnson left Dallas as a genius, but part of the reason the Jimmy Jonson Method worked was that those Dallas Cowboys saw that Jerry Jones had no respect for anyone then on the team.  Hell, if he could fire Tom Landry, he could fire any of them.  Somewhere along the line Jerry Jones did a complete 180 and now does everything he can to hold on to players long after they have pasted their sell-by date.  So no one is worried about their job, even though a complete house cleaning would be a good idea.

Way to go, Jerry.  I’m sure that you’ll give your GM a well deserved bonus for all his hard work putting together another great season.  Just remember, he deserves ALL the credit for this team. And the one before that, and the one before that, and the one. . .


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