The Blue Hole of Belize

The Today Show had our four heroes at The Ends of The Earth today. Matt was at The Blue Hole of Belize-a very cool place to dive first brought to most people’s attention by Jacques Cousteau.

Matt dived into The Blue Hole and the video looked pretty amazing. I have never been diving and don’t even know how to swim, but places like The Blue Hole of Belize make me want to learn.

The whole point of all this Ends of The Earth stuff is to make us a bit more aware of how fragile the earth is and how we should all be more careful. It’s all good, save the world by heading down to Belize and going for a dive in the blue hole. Hey, it couldn’t hurt, right?

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Jon Herrera

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2 comments on “The Blue Hole of Belize
  1. BUDDHA says:

    We have a plan to save the planet -We’ll make everyone so poor nobody will aford a vacation to the Belize.
    Voila the pristine nature is prezerved!
    And youthought it was all greed…

  2. DESCARTES says:


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