The Church of Art and Apathy

Sounds like my kind of place-

Join our Church of Art and Apathy when you get good and ready, or get around-to-it.
This is the official church for those that don’t wish to identify with a
specific religion. For those that feel that atheism and agnosticism are
just too much damm work. Others who believe that their religion solves all
their problems, need not apply.

We are a relatively New Religion with new attitudes. We are Apathists. We
seek no converts. We distribute no pamphlets. We ring no door bells.
The Church of Art and Apathy was thought about by its Founders for several years,
before they decided to organize on December 26th, 1968, they decided not to
become tax exempt, nor claim any guidance from any divine source.

In 1979 they decided to look around for a suitable church site, but that
effort proved to be too much trouble, and besides they really didn’t care
where they met anyway. The founders thought they should have a clergy
person, but so far all that applied were rejected. They asked stupid
questions about our not having a prayer book with writing in it. Some
complained that we didn’t have a Symbol or a Logo identifying our religion.
Some wanted us to light candles, bless wine, chant, sway. kneel, pray or in
general “carry on ” like mainstream religions….all of these candidates
for the clergy person were rejected.

We soon will be celebrating the 37th year of our founding. We Apathists
encourage those that share our deeply rooted apathy to think about joining
our church as non-active members. We seek no donations nor offerings….
you keep your money, and we’ll keep ours. As we have no mother church,
postal address, telephone number, or website, we are sometimes difficult to
locate. However if you have faith, and are not in any big rush to join our
Church of Art and Apathy, you are the type of person that could benefit by being an

We are happy to say that in almost 37 years, not one of our members has
been called “a dirty Apathist ” to their face, they have demanded, and
received “apple fritters” as their religious rights, in prisons and
university cafeterias, and our Religion is not part of any college course
on “Comparative Religions “, and as far as we know, none of our faithful
have been healed, saved, or converted. Some have rented from Avis but we
consider that as free will. Someday we would like to sponsor our own TV
ministry, but we haven’t figured out as yet what to preach about. We
strongly believe that one should Not take YES for an answer…..but if they
do, they do.

We do have a motto: Don’t Bother Us…and We Won’t Bother You.

Unlike the Church of the Flying Spaghatti Monster, I didn’t find much info about the Church of Art and Apathy-but I guess that makes a certain amount of sense.

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