The End of Falling Skies

fallingskies_queenTurn out the lights, the party’s over.


I was never a huge fan of Falling Skies. The special effects were often terrible, the stories were often hokey and silly, the acting was often a bit over the top. Falling Skies could never quite decide if it wanted to be a campy 1950s horror moive or a campy 1980s morality play. In the end, it didn’t really matter.

After five years of losing a handful of people every week, but never anyone we knew or cared about, the 2nd Massachusetts Militia drags itself into Washington DC to do battle with The Queen of the Espheni.  Like the aliens in Independence Day and Edge of Tomorrow, we find that our heroes only need to kill one alien to win the war. Well, there’s no other way they could have won.

There is one dramatic moment when a beloved character dies, but of course, this death is merely a temporary tragedy. No one we care about is going to stay dead here.

Our heroes win because they are given a weapon by a vastly superior race, but one that can’t deliver the weapon in person itself. The happy ending felt a bit silly, just as it did in Indepence Day. Yes, 99.9% of all humanity is dead, but hey, we WON!

I was a bit surprised that the final shot that zoomed out into space didn’t contain an alien armada heading our way.

Falling Skies did too good a job telling us every week that these aliens were unstoppable, but we have to fight till the end. But I knew this show wasn’t going to have the balls to let the aliens win. Killing a queen bee doesn’t kill the hive, so why would killing the queen alien kill all the other aliens? Because it had to, the show’s run was over.

And I didn’t like that whole turn to the Dark Side for Pope. He was at his best when he was cooking for the 2nd Mass and cracking jokes. His final appearance was pointless, like most of the rest of this episode, and ultimately this series.

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