The Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy

Lois (Princess Leia): Aren’t you a little fat to be a stormtrooper?
Chris (Luke Skywalker): Well, stay here and rot, you stuck-up bitch!

The Family Guy Star Wars stories are pretty much literal translations of the Star Wars movies.  There are countless shot for shot sequences, only with a bit of nitpicking thrown in-such as the fact that Leia seems to be the only woman in the Galaxy and Yoda is pretty much a coward hiding out in his swamp.

I was surprised that I got the same kind of feeling from watching these silly little cartoon parodies that I get from watching the actual films.  There is a reason the Star Wars films made a gazillion dollars, even though they have a lot of strange things going on.

The Family Guy’s Darth Vader is a lot smarter than Lucas’s Darth Vader-he realizes that having a hole in the Death Star where anyone can come in and destroy the entire base is a pretty serious design flaw.  He is told that it is an aesthetic issue and they can’t just cover up the hole as it would make the Death Star look bad.

The first two Family Guy Star Wars are pretty funny, but a little over the top at times.  The last one, like the real Return of the Jedi, is pretty much just going throuh the motions.   There are a couple of funny bits, but It’s a Trap could have used a little more work.  But then, I tend to think that most of the Family Guy stories could use a little more work.  I was a bit disappointed that Peter and the Giant Chicken didn’t get into a fight in Something, Something, Something Darkside.  You’d think Return of the Jedi would be the easiest of the Star Wars films to make fun of, but instead Seth MacFarlane and Seth Green spend a good deal of the show insulting each other.

Laugh It Up Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy (It’s A Trap / Something Something Something Dark Side / Blue Harvest) [Blu-ray]
gives you a chance to se all three.

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