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Issue_24_Cover_100_Films_htmlBest TV Shows Ever? Eh.

The Hollywood Report put out a list of Hollywood’s 100 Favorite TV Shows, based on the votes of industry insiders. They had a similar list last year of the Top 100 Movies.

Best TV Shows Ever counts down from 100 and gives each entry a short bio and a couple of fun facts. They asked over 2,800 ‘industry people’ what their favorite TV series was. I would be hard pressed to name a favorite, since I tend to break them down by category. Is a great comedy better than a great drama? Is Sci Fi better than Mystery? Is cable better than broadcast?

There’s a clear bias for more recent shows, with several series that are still on the air winning high ranks. Game of Thrones at #4, Saturday Night Live at #7, Orange is the New Black #26, Big Bang Theory #25, and The Simpsons at #10-among others. There are plenty of shows on the list that I just never got, including Friends #1, The West Wing #11, 30 Rock #18, It’s Always Sunny in Philidephia #88, and Modern Family #14.

My own favorites do make the list. Breaking Bad is #2, LOST #15, The X-Files #3, Star Trek #35, The Carol Burnett Show #43, Downton Abbey #44, Firefly #68, and Doctor Who #75. So really, you like Modern Family more than Downton Abbey? Really? Really?

At the bottom of the list is Desperate Housewives #100, a show that would not crack my top 500 shows. But right below it at #99 is Fawlty Towers, nice to see it on the list, but next to last place? Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica comes in at #95. The Americanscomes in at #91 and Arrow at #90. Wow, more shows that would not have made my list.

As with any such list the fun comes down to seeing where your own personal favorites rank, or if they ranked. I have to admit that I did like most of the shows listed, but I do tend to lean toward shows that critics are not that fond of.

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