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the internMy all time favorite Anne Hathaway movie is The Devil Wears Prada.

The Intern is pretty much the Devil Wears Prada with Anne playing the role of the devil and Robert Deniro playing the role of the newbie personal assistant. Only without all that bothersome drama and conflict.

It also reminded me of an odd little book I read a few years back called Starbucks Saved My Life about an old white guy who gets a low paying job and helps his boss and coworkers with his vast worldly experience.

I love Robert and Anne. I like the music. I love the whole yuppie area of Brooklyn shown in the film. Both Robert and Anne’s characters live in gazillion dollar brownstones with neat and perfect rooms. They never get stuck in traffic and always find a parking spot by the front door.

One of the running gags in the film is that Robert dresses like an adult and all those around him at the billion dollar internet startup dress like high school kids.

As Arnold would say, Robert is old, not obsolete.

I think they went a bit overboard on the hairy and geeky front. The rest of the company’s interns and Anne’s husband have scruffy beards and do look rather hobo-ish compared to clean shaven and perfect Robert.

There were a couple of odd scenes. One where Robert and his fellow interns go on a special mission for the Boss and one where Robert takes care of an office problem, but we never see exactly how he solved this problem. These are minor gripes though, overall I liked just about everything about The Intern.

One of the major problems internet genius Anne has to deal with is demands from her Venture Capitalists. After watching Sharktank, I would rather be homeless than sign over a company to one of those bastards. Why the hell does anyone ever sell contorl of their company away? And we are told the company is uber successful, why doesn’t she pay off her debts or buy out her investors? Or just toss this company away and start over without the need for Investors?

At any rate. Robert comes in and offers sage advice to everyone and learns how to use Facebook as a bonus. Anne doesn’t sleep enough, doesn’t spend enough time with her husband or daughter, and spends all her time worrying about things like how the tissue is arranged in the shipping containers.

The Intern had a couple of touching moments and I like watching Robert Deniro and Anne Hathaway.


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