The Legacy of Jerry Jones:LOSER

Annual Dallas Cowboys rant.

The Dallas Cowboys had a shot at winning the last game of the regular Tony Romoseason against the Washington Redskins.  There was a chance for one of those world famous Dallas Cowboy Comebacks in the closing minutes-but those hopes were dashed with a Tony Romo interception that lead to a Redskins touchdown to seal the game.

I was listening to one of the talk radio stations after the game.  A fan called in to say that the Cowboys should fire Tony Romo and that Jerry Jones should come to his senses and hire a General Manager.  This is the usual line at this time of year and I agree, but I also agree with the talk-show host who said the caller was an idiot and that nothing was going to change so long as Jerry Jones remains the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Since when is a rant required to have a solution in it?  Hmm.

The world of the NFL isn’t what it was when Jimmy and Jerry worked the system to land a few first round picks that turned out to be pure genius.   Jerry was the walking wallet and Jimmy was fresh out of college and knew who he wanted.  When Jerry fired Jimmy, he sealed the deal-making Jimmy Johnson forever the Super Genius that built a dynasty and making Jerry Jones the football moron who has hired one loser after another.  The truth of the matter is that they were at the right spot at the right time.

But that was a long, long time ago.

Ok, so we can’t really get rid of Romo, though we clearly need to start thinking about getting someone to take his place in the not too distance future.  And we can’t fire Jerry Jones, even though Jerry remains the most delusional owner in NFL history and considers all of his choices to be golden.  There would be little point in firing Head Coach and Chief Apologist Jason Garrett as Jerry would just plop another impotent figurehead in his place.   Basically, the only hope for the Dallas Cowboys is Jerry Jones falling into a dimensional portal and being replaced by a Jerry Jones who realizes that an Owner and a General Manager are two different things.

The bad news for Dallas Cowboys fans is that right after the lose to Washington Jerry Jones said he was going to get right to work on tweaking next year’s roster.  Good God, Jerry, STOP!!!!  Haven’t YOU done enough???

Jerry Jones’s legacy is going to be that the Dallas Cowboys won three Super bowls on his watch in large part thanks to Jimmy Johnson.   For local Dallas Cowboys fans Jerry Jones’s real legacy is that HIS Dallas Cowboys haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 16 years and counting.  And with Jerry hard at work on next year’s team, we can plan on one more Jerry Jones collection of high dollar Individuals.  Jerry Jones has never understood the idea of a Team, because to Jerry Jones all a team needs to be successful is Jerry Jones.  We haven’t had a Team at Valley Ranch for about 15 years.

There are no Solutions as long as Owner Jerry Jones remains the Problem.

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