The Naked Violin-Is There Any Other Kind?

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin, what else does a man need to be happy. Albert Einstein

The Naked Violin is a free download of some very nice classical music by Tasmin Little. So there is not reason to give The Naked Violin a listen.

I was a Violinist when I was in High School, though I did quit pretty soon after I found out that I was really, really bad at playing the violin. Tasmin Little struck with that whole violin thing and is currently giving away digital downloads of her CD The Naked Violin. She asks that you download both The Naked Violin and her introductions to the music. Tasmin Little talks about her million dollar violins and why some people prefer one over the other.

Tasmin has a pleasant voice and she speaks with some energy about how much she loves playing the violin and why one violin sounds different from another. The Naked Violin is a means to reach new listeners after all, so a little history about violins is a good thing.. Tasmin intends some of these spoken tracks to be for younger listeners, but I have to admit that I was quickly lost among the lessons.

My taste in music has been wide and varied, I like Jazz and Klezmer as well as Rock and Classic Country. But outside of a few thundering Christmas songs by the Tran Siberian Orchestra, I have not had a lot of use for Classical Music. Of course, I watch a lot of films and television and classical music is an ever present background element. I have also listened to Bach for it’s brain stimulating qualities. To be honest, my favorite classic music is The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. But the Bach on The Naked Violin is very nice.

Sad to say I have never heard of either Paul Patterson or Eugène Ysaÿe, the other two composers favored on the Naked Violin. Paul Patterson’s music is soulful and moody with a lot of empty space. Eugène Ysaÿe’s music is also powerful and moving. I like all three composers featured on The Naked Violin and Tasmin Little is an amazing Violinist.. Tasmin wants us all to fall in love with classical music again. I want ever other movie to be a Musical like My Fair Lady. I am afraid that we will both be a bit disappointed. But you won’t be disappointed by the Naked Violin. Give it a chance, and maybe buy a CD, I really do like Vivaldi.

And though I personally think it is impossible to use the word naked too many times, as a marketing ploy is has it’s drawbacks. Some clever person has taken the Naked Violin name and whipped up a little adult site. The good people at Tasmin Little’s website want everyone to know they have nothing to do with that site.

You can find Tasmin Little easy enough.

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