The Night Of

The Night Of The story of a man who may or may not have killed a woman after he had sex with her. We see a good deal of the story from the young man’s point of view.

The Night Of is a great looking show. It has really good production values and a great cast.

We follow around several characters. Mainly the young Pakistani man who is the prime suspect and an older man with bad feet who is his lawyer. We also look through the eyes of the DA and the lead Detective once in a while. It’s a classic locked room kind of mystery. A woman has been murdered and we are lead to believe that our hero didn’t do it.

There are only a couple of things that kind of bothered me. The first is that our down on his luck Lawyer gets amazingly bad advice from his doctors on how to treat his feet. One tells him to use Crisco and wrap them in Saran Wrap and another advises using bleach and taking massive amounts of steroids. The drugs make sense, doctors make their living prescribing stuff people may not need. But why would they advise these odd ball home remedy kind of solutions?

My other problem is with Riker’s Island as it is depicted in The Night Of. One prisoner is a kingpin kind of character who has every contraband item imaginable and bosses the guards around and has sex with one of the female guards. He’s a standard issue kind of character, but the rest of the story seems to be focused on more reality based elements. Is there really some guy sitting in the corner cell of Rikers telling everyone what to do? Does every prison have this Goodfellas kind of setup? It all seems a bit silly.

As we move from the Law to the Order part of the story, we watch the trail and find that the judge is a dick, the lawyer isn’t really up to snuff, and the prosecutor is good at her job.

The Night Of was a very good show. There’s a lot going on in every episode. The many small plot lines added to the richness of the story and the final shot of the series was brilliant.

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