The Witcher 2 Oh, Dead Again

I really loved The Witcher.  It was a fun game, even though it had the nasty habit of killing you every few minutes.  The new Witcher follows along in that tradition, and I am growing to love it.

I bought the Witcher 2 the day it came out-and found that it was all but impossible for me to play.  This was due to a couple of factors, a computer that may be a bit below the minimum requirements and a certain laziness on my part when it comes to having to learn how to do a couple of dozen different things in a gaming environment.

Now, I’m not one of those people that wants to buy a new computer every time a new game comes out, which is what everyone who writes games expects you to do.  I was perfectly happy with the look and gameplay of The Witcher-but they didn’t ask me, did they?  So The Witcher 2 is filled to the gills with all kinds of new graphics, new character renderings, new ways to play the game, and new voice actors.  Thanks for keeping returning players in mind, guys.

I pretty much hate the QTEs in The Witcher 2.  The first few are nothing but rapid clicking/button pushing-but it doesn’t tell you that, like, ANYWHERE!  In fact, The Witcher 2 is not big on telling you anything.  You need to feel your way through the many Quick Time Events, being defeated simply by not having any idea what it is you are supposed to be doing.  This gets really old really fast.

Fortunately there are already a ton of YouTube videos and forums that offer advice on what to do and how to do it.

On the other hand, the game comes with a Game Guide that spells out what you are supposed to be doing and gives a general idea of where you are to find quest items and what skills/weapons to use.  Kind of odd that they ship a Walk-through with the game, but don’t clue you in on how to Arm Wrestle, play Dice Poker, or Fist Fight.  All of these are easy enough once you know what your doing, but it really sucks to die over and over again in the Prologue before the damned game ever properly starts.

Ok, enough bitching and moaning.

I’m nowhere near finishing The Witcher 2, but I do like it now that I have figured out a few of the basic skills needed to move forward in the story.  I also like using  a gamepad better than using the keyboard, must be the old Pacman player in me.  As with the original Witcher, a lot of stuff is going on all the time.

I’ve had a blast watching the YouTube videos.  Some of the players are all serious and offering advice, others are just playing the game and saying-what the hell is that? and why is he burning the place down like some kind of weirdo?  Great stuff that.

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