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There are times when the words don’t flow as they used to.  Or I don’t put the effort forth.  Writers write.  Simple as that.  But sometimes, it isn’t all that simple.  Sometimes there is the desire to read one more book, try one more bit of software, watch one more new Tv Show, cook all those meals, and generally just kind of do all kinds of random stuff.

I wrote a couple of short stories, but they are not all that good.  It’s been so long since I finished anything I am not even sure how I am supposed to feel any more.  I can still write.  Sitting down and closing my mind to the outside world and letting my fingers dance over the keyboard.  Time disappears and a few pages of words pop out of the nowhere and into the here.

It’s too easy to do other stuff.  To read that new Thomas Covenant book I have been wanting to read.  To surf the web and drift around the random nonsense I tend to like so much.  To look at Twitter and my blog stats and check on my Blog Buddies to see if they have written anything new recently.

I had one of those First Things First day planner at one time.  I really loved First Things First when I read it.  Yes!  I can do that!  Only, well, I couldn’t.  Several years before that I read Wishcraft, a brilliant book on how to get anything done with the help of your friends.  It also talked about doable steps and all the other standards of setting goals.  Before that I read Think and Grow Rich, which talked about things like getting twenty people to help you become rich.  I was never sure how that would work out.

I read a lot of books.  It’s pretty standard to see This Page Intentionally Left Blank, but I always have to wonder why they bother saying that.  I guess people would call them up and say, Hey Dummy, you didn’t print anything on this page!  But I have to wonder how big a problem that would be.

I like the idea of intentional blankness though.  There is a kind of Zen quality to it.  Or maybe even a Zazen quality to it.  And it’s the kind of page any writer can sink their teeth into.  Hey, who can’t write nothing?

Jon Herrera

Jon Herrera

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Writer, Photographer, Blogger.

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