Tony Romo and Peyton Manning

“You played a hell of a game.” Peyton Manning to Tony Romo moments after Broncos beat the Cowboys in one of the best NFL games ever.

Football is a team sport, and losing yet again was a team effort.  Tony Romo threw for 505 yards and had five touchdowns setting a Cowboys record.  The one thing he has in common with similar records is that his team lost.  Throwing for record yardage is almost never a good thing, at least when you play for the Cowboys.

On the other hand, the Dallas Defense gave up over 500 yards and 51 points to Denver.  The Cowboys are on a pace to set a new team record for most yards allowed in a season, while The Broncos set the record for the most points scored through five games.

The numbers only tell part of the tale.  This was one of those games where the last man holding the ball was going to win.  Which why it was so important that the Broncos were able to keep out of the end zone on their last possession.   Peyton knew that he couldn’t let Tony get his hands on the ball one more time.  And that’s the biggest difference in the style of play of the two quarterbacks, like Godzilla vs King Kong, Peyton was a thinking quarterback, while Tony was an emotional one.

Most of the day Manning went on a one count snap, so whenever he needed an offside penalty he just went to a two count and one of the Cowboys would rush over the line of scrimmage.   The Broncos moved the ball methodically, while the Cowboys went for big plays and lightening strikes.  The only problem with that plan was that ended up giving Peyton the ball most of the game-and that’s never really a great idea.

So in the end, yeah, Romo had a great day right up until he had a bad day.  He lost the game in the finial minutes as he has so many times before.  If you want the glory of carrying the team, than you get the blame when you drop the team.

Jerry Jones, of course, has a good spin on the lose.  It was a moral victory and he expects to see the Cowboy throw for five hundred yards every game from here on in.  Yeah, and if you really believe that I’ve got a Bridge you might like to buy.

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